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Region II EMS Director's Association 


Paramedic Scholarship Application

Deadline to apply: Friday 5/31/24 @ 1700

Scholarship Guidelines & Eligibility Requirements:


  1. This scholarship, ­­­­­­­­in the amount of $2,500, will be paid to a qualified candidate upon acceptance to one of the above paramedic programs and after selection by the Region II EMS Directors Association.

  2. Candidate must be employed by a Region II EMS agency and must possess a current AEMT license.

  3. Candidates who have had their EMS license suspended, revoked, or otherwise disciplined by the State of Tennessee Office of EMS, or other state recognized EMS authorities, are not eligible. If the candidate’s license becomes suspended, revoked, or comes under disciplinary action while in the paramedic program, the awarded scholarship agreement will become void immediately.

  4. Upon being awarded the scholarship:

    1. Release of Information – By applying for and accepting a scholarship from the Region II EMS Directors Association, the recipient agrees that his/her GPA and pertinent scholastic information can be released to the officers of the association, or in publicity or correspondence regarding association activities or programs.

    2. Authority – The Region II EMS Directors Association is the final authority regarding the scholarship awards. The Region II EMS Directors Association Scholarship Committee may authorize or withdraw funding for a recipient at any time. 

    3. Recipients selected to receive scholarship funds shall attend a meeting of the Region II EMS Directors Association and meet the members.





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